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Welcome to the Engaging Post. I am too excited to launching this blog. It all starts with the very first blog post. I am writing my first article on Engaging Post. Before start writing, I'll let you know what exactly i am going to write about.  

Well! This blog will cover interesting facts about nature, world, culture, history, People, Health, science and many more.

Let me introduce a bit. I am a Professional Digital Marketing Expert with over 4+ years of experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Digital Marketing, Apps Store Optimization, SMM (Social Media Marketing), Video Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

Let's come to the point. Before writing my first post, i Googled about “what should I write for my first blog post”. I learned that it is important to let your reader know about who you are, what topics will you cover in your blog and what will you post in future.

In my future blog posts I will tell you more about me, why I’m blogging for, and I will also dive into more detail about what I will be writing about,  and how we in touch with each other. But for now I’m getting stuck.

I hope that Engaging Post will be your virtual home to learn about intersting facts of nature, world, Entertainment, culture, history, Videos, People, Health, Politics, science and many more.

Soon I will come with some interesting facts. I welcome your feedback, comments and your ideas for new posts.  Please enjoy reading the blog. 

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