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17 Tricks for Making Your Blog Posts Go Viral Through Social Media

When a post spreads quickly and gets a lot of views, it obviously impacted the social media world for a period of time or long time. So, how do social posts become a viral post? A viral content is the trendy content. Social media accounts with Facebook Google Plus, Twitter and other social media give you the ability to put out content and increase the chance of your posts going viral.
Here I explore a couple of things that enhance the possibility that your content will go viral.

1) Create a long post: Write a long and informative content of 1000+ words. You can get more shares in LinkedIn with lengthy post.

2) Add Images or a Video: Use image to be simply crazy, but relevant, because a visual content is immensely shareable. Adding video can make reader to stay on your website for a while

3) Create strong bullet points: Most of the readers are not looking for detail information when they search on the web. At least make them to read your headline by using strong bullet points.

4) Put Share Buttons on Your Blog: This is most and useful trick. Make this easy for your readers to share the posts. If people found your stuff cool and informative they will must share it through their social media.

5) Start with "how to" headline: Also, pay special attention to your headline by starting your article title with "How to".

6) Joining Fan Pages: Use facebook, twitter and other social media. Join fan page, groups, and communities in your niche.

7) Against the Experts: Just because you’re not an expert doesn’t mean that you can’t go against them. This is a good method of making a post go viralbe. Share it with social media and see the traffic to your blog.

8) Create introduction short and profound: Always write a short summary of your post. It should be 50 - 80 words long. Generate post that drives audience dream.

9) Insert Featured Image: It can enhance the look of your post or help when you share post through social media. 

10) Generate an infographic: You can see examples on many facebook pages. They always uses images with funny and short content on it.

11) Share Expert Knowledge: If you are going against some experts, it’s only natural that you would agree with other experts.

12) Write Positive/negative Content: People are more likely to share content that have something unique. If you have more choice, try to put only positive angle on your content.

13) Clearly focus the message in the content: The aim of people is to learn something new from the post. Stay focused on your post title.

14) Use Hash tags: When you are going to share your post through social media, choose some latest #hashtags that relate to your post, It help your post discover in the web.

15) Create post that solves problem: Try to write about the problems and questions in your niche. Create posts offering a fresh perspective solution.

16) Use Google Trends: Use Google trend to check latest news and try to publish your post at a hot time

17) Complete sharing in all media within 24 hrs: Once you complete writing and posting your article, don’t forget it to post through all the possible social media like facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and other. 

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